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Modern Apartment is an online portal there you can find apartment nearby at affordable prices. The typical user is between 24-40 years old and most are working or early professionals. Modern apartment is designed to make search for dream apartment, fast, and easy for all typ¬¬es of apartment. The site allows users to search for apartment from different location, area, and gives users suggestions for which interior or exterior suite.

What I did

  • UI / UX
  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • App Design
Project scope

Find the Dream apartment near by,
In Fastest and Easiest way

The typical user is between 24-40 years old and most are working or early professionals. Modern apartment is designed to make search for dream apartment, fast, and easy for all types of apartment on desktop and mobile.

Project Duration: Apr 2021 TO May 2021

The Problem: Have trouble to find apartment from near location, area, and users suggestions for which interior or exterior suite.

The Goal: Develope a fast and easy to load Responsive website, The site allows users to search for apartment from different location, area, and gives users suggestions for which interior or exterior suite on mobile also.

My role: As a lead UX/UI Designers.

My responsibilities : Planning UX research studies, conduct user research, analyzing and synthesizing research results, wireframing low-fidelity prototyping, usability testing, iteration, and the creation of a final high-fidelity prototype.

1. Empathize

Recruit interview participants

At this point, you’ve determined the goals of the interview, written interview questions, and created a screener survey to find a representative sample of study participants. You’re ready to start recruiting participants!

Interview questions:
  1. Can you describe your current schedule and how you balance your responsibilities with find Dream Home?
  2. How often do you find apartment from online? When you do, what is your motivation for doing so?
  3. What challenges do you face in the saerching process? How does this make you feel?
  4. Is there any way in which you feel these challenges could be resolved?
 Recruit interview participants
Empathy map

Create empathy maps, based on interviews you conduct, which highlight what a user or group of users says, does, thinks, and feels.

 empathy maps

UX research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation and feedback. Your product design should be built upon research and facts, not assumptions. UX research aligns what you, as the designer, think the user needs with what the user actually needs.

Primary research
  • Frustrate when Apartment can’t be viewed properly on apartment listing websites or mobile
  • Want to save search to view or compared
  • Want to similar property for compare
  • Want to search easily and fast to apartment in near by
  • Want to search easily and fast to apartment in near by
  • search apartment with us with best interior and feature
  • suits his needs and easily stress free


After With all the data collected from the research phase, we analysed all the problem statement to proceed further with the design process.

Problem Statement
"They want to find or book online apartment that suits his needs and meet with here requirement as she has dream"

For the better understanding of our target audience, I designed 2 different user personas. For this, I took help from my friends and colleagues.

User Persona

From my research and interview, I concluded that the majority of the users complained about the same things and few had extras to complain about so I represented them using personas to generate empathy with them.

User Story

This is a great opportunity to use your imagination as you create the stories that capture the needs of your users.Another helpful way to understand your users is to build a user story around their experiences with your product.

 User Story
User Journey Maps

A user journey map helps UX designers create obstacle-free paths for users.A user journey map reduces the impact of designer bias.Journey mapping also highlights new pain points

Define Problem Statements

Now Problem statements provide a clear description of the user’s need that should be addressed.

Problem Statement
"They want to find or book online apartment that suits his needs and meet with here requirement as she has dream"

Research Summary

User research

Research revealed most users prefer to find apartment on mobile neab by location with save list option with suits his needs and easily stress free.

Pain point
  • Difficulty finding nearby amenities for a particular property
  • Difficulty comparing multiple property listings.
  • Authenticity of property listings.
  • Aligning of schedule of both buyer & seller can be a hassle at times.
Insights learned
From user research, we learned that there were some pain points for users. The two biggest issues were the saved search option and want or more details like apartment plan. apartment plan user’s clear idea to choose apartment. We solved this issue by adding buttons on top and add apartment plan in the mid of page. We also learned that users wanted a more enjoyable experience searching for apartment. They commented that the site felt too busy. They also said that sometimes they came to the site without a specific item in mind. We solved this by making the homepage simple and engaging for the user by adding the apartment feature listing to the user’s attention. FAQ section also added for help to user if any question. This made the browsing experience more enjoyable, which helped meet the user’s needs.

3. Ideate

sketches and wireframes

Here’s how we put our users’ needs first. The process below begins with our initial ideas wireframes, then moves to mockups, and finally to the high-fidelity prototype.

Come up with ideas using Crazy Eights

sketch ideas for eight different designs, each with a new idea for solving the user's problem.

Build a sitemap for your website

outlines the relationship between pages in order of importance. a sitemap is a diagram of a website or an app that shows how pages are prioritized, linked, and labeled. Sitemaps help outline the pages of a website you need to design and can help you spot necessary pages that you’ve forgotten to include, need to remove, or need to combine.

Create Digital Wireframes

In this simple version, you can see how the designer approaches solving the user’s needs. The headings are clearly listed and separated by categories, buy sell and Rent. There are landmarks listed to show where things such as the saved search will be. There is a place for a apartment plan which will display apartment size and feature, which gives the user an opportunity to browse for a more enjoyable user experience.

Revised wireframes after low-fidelity prototype usability testing

In the revised version, you see the progression of the design based on insights identified from usability test feedback. Design additions include “save searched” and “notification“ buttons to allow for the ability to save last search apartment and a prompt for users to log in to their account if they have one. And for more user experience added apartment plan and FAQ section.


Mockup & High-fidelity prototype

Now the design really begins to take shape: actual text is used, colors are applied, and images are added. This mockup shows a visual that gives a better idea of the final design.

The design is fully developed and gives a complete picture of the completed design. It addresses the user’s needs for a simple, yet engaging and uncluttered design.


View High-fidelity prototype

Plan responsive web pages

appearance, or layout, of a website, depending on the device being used to view it and the size of the screen. In the image above, the website uses a multicolumn layout on a laptop screen size, and a single column layout on a mobile phone screen size.

Responsive design is an integral part of good UX, as it increases your product’s usability.


Challenges and Takeaways

In the end, I reflected on how the project went and like every other project, there were a lot of good and bad parts. My goal here was to pick up some lessons that would help me in future projects. So what were my biggest challenges?

  • Because this was my first time, there were times where I didn't know what to do and needed to research more. I did a lot of things that weren't needed and needed more guidance to put me back on track
  • I struggled with time because I have a very tasking full-time job, that always kept me on my toes and feeling stressed, it took me 6 months to get this research work done
  • I struggled with research methods, its different when designers talk about research methods and actually using them.
  • Because of the time, I did things and months later I felt like there were better ways to express myself or analyze results
  • Talking to people was more difficult than I expected, as people may not want to talk or feel reluctant in giving you the answers you actually need
  • There was a lot of back and forth in my designs and methods as I wanted to make everything perfect ( well I hope I did )

What did I take away?

  • I learned a lot about ethnographic interviews, prior to this I never knew about it, Many thanks to Anfisign
  • I think I am liking the idea of proper documentation of my processes
  • It is alright to get it wrong on earlier iterations as long as you get feedback and quickly work on them
  • Nothing beats proper research, and that process is very important

Next steps & Recommendations

should be include The Business side of things. also include The ChatBot — can be further enhance to provide advice to make better property decisions for both Buyer & Sellers. Verified Listing — removing the Unscrupulous agents from the portal is a crucial step forward to provide user confidence. Scheduling System — can be improved to align buyer & seller schedules in an intuitive ways.

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